Government Property 2013: Aligning National Strategies

Thursday 7th February 2013, RNCM Manchester M13 9RD

Despite the many acknowledged differences, the public sector within each of the home nations faces a common challege -  how to design and deliver a fit for purpose estate that supports the business in question against a background of competing resources, with little or no new money.  Clearly, given the potential for transformation of services and the structures that underpin them estates professionals will not be working in isolation.  It is vital that there is an ever closer working relationship between the key disciplines such as HR, ICT, Finance and Property if organisations are to meet the requirement of doing more with less.

Whether reducing or remodelling the estate property professionals will need to ensure that for the organisation it's 'business as usual', by managing individual projects and working more closely in internal and external collaboration with other disciplines and sectors.

'Government Property 2013: Aligning National Strategies' will be a must attend event for anyone who is involved with change management, property asset management, FM, IT as an enabler of change, efficiency, corporate services or finance.  Attracting middle and senior managers from all areas of public service within England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales this event will create a unique learning and networking opportunity.

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